Research Interests

Research and innovation in the cultural and creative industries
Preservation and innovation of historical cultural manufacturing and craftsmanship
Cultural heritage and craft policies
The maker Culture
Sustainable production and consumption systems
Sustainable creative communities and places

Research Projects

2024 STRATEGIC RESEARCH & INNOVATION AGENDA FOR CRAFTS: Based on recent UNESCO and EU policy reports for the creative and cultural sectors and for the cultural heritage sector, this research will collect evidence cases and best practices about the needs and challenges of craft communities in selected geographical areas. The analysis of the cases will contribute to the development of the priorities, an action plan, deliverables and milestones that support the growth of the craft sector and development of craft communities.

2021-2022 WEB PLATFORMS FOR CO-DESIGNING & CO-MAKING: Case studies of digital platforms where people, designers and makers co-design and co-make their products. Recent technological advancements in digital fabrication and sharing economy models and tools, and the urgent need for a circular economy are all factors shaping our new production and consumption habits. Recent publications explain why and how people are collaborating in the design and making of their own products and services. The objective of this research is to individuate success cases of digital collaboration platforms to analyze how these web platforms are enabling the collaboration between people, designers and makers.

2018-2019 Started and is coordinating the ITALORIENTE CRAFTS, a research and design project. It experiments the combination of "traditional" crafts and "digital" fabrication. The project objectives are:
– to empower a selected network of artisans through collaborations with designers and makers;
– to develop and test a local production model based on collaboration, networking, open-source deisgn and the combination of traditional craftsmanship and digital fabrication. Link

2008-2010 Planned and coordinated THE BEST OF MADE IN, a research and design project addressing the issues of local handmade products, and local growth. The project answered the following questions:
- how to perceive the qualities of a local handmade product;
- how to communicate these qualities to global consumers;
- how to evaluate products’ specific aspects related to their authenticity and sustainability; and
- what are the best strategies for supporting local-global interactions, and stimulating local growth. Link

2008-2009 Developed, in collaboration with O2 Italia, SUSTAINABLE DESIGN & URBAN SPACES project, whose objectives are to individuate possible design solutions - products, services and scenarios - to tackle social and environmental degradation in public spaces, and induce to responsible behaviours Link

2005 Developed The study of PHD PROGRAMMES IN DESIGN and the strategic importance of doctoral research in design for Asociación de Diseñadores Profesionales ADP, Barcelona, Spain Link

Ph.D. in Industrial Design
2000-2004 The main issue I addressed in my research is the methodologies and methods of design research: whether they should be modelled on already existing research approaches in the sciences and humanities, or on a distinct approach that reflects the nature of design and serves the future of design discipline better. I individuated, described and analysed three different approaches to design research and their related methodologies and methods. I argued for a designerly way to doctoral research. Thesis

Supervised Research Projects
2001-2002 Member of the team that developed the "Experimental project for the development of communication, information and education tools for doctoral research in design", Ph.D. Programme in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication, School of Design, Politecnico di Milano

1999-2000 Developed the supervised research project "Mapping of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in design offered in nine different socio-cultural and geographical contexts", Di.Tec Department, Politecnico di Milano